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June 1, Tubs are used for decontamination of worker boots and equipment
Water testing in the Gulf in response to the BP oil spill
Working into the night.
Taking it all in.
June 3, Analyzing data in a mobile lab, Dauphin Island, Ala
August 6, Assembly line of oil waste
June 4, Collecting water for testing at Grand Isle State Park, La
June 4, Testing the water at Grand Isle State Park, La
Infrared image of open-water oil burn
EPA Air Sampling Stations along the Gulf coast
August 7, Over 2.1 million feet of oil boom deployed
EPA water sampling along the Gulf coast
June 4, Natural and manmade boundaries trap oil from the BP Spill
May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
EPA air monitoring equipment
August 7, A positive glimpse amid the recovery effort
June 4, Equipment along Grand Isle State Park, La
June 1, Lafourche Beach cleanup site
Many fear for the safety of shrimp.
August 6, Documenting the waste staging areas
EPA Administrator Meets with Gulf Region Scientists
August 7, Oil collected into plastic bags is put into containers for landfill disposal
Conversations about the BP oil spill
Oil west of Chandeleur Islands
August 7, Used boom is washed and stacked for reuse
August 7, Waste containers lined to prevent leaks
August 7, Carefully moving used oil boom for cleaning
June 4, Maintaining monitoring equipment
August 6, 'frack tanks' help oil and water separate
August 7, Another view of the sand washing process
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