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Working to contain and deal with some of the released oil.
EPA water sampling along the Gulf coast
Deploying boom
August 7, Lines of roll off containers collect oil waste
EPA Administrator Jackson at Grand Isle
Living on the Gulf
May 14, Already a tough year for crabbing
August 6, Loading oil waste containers for offsite disposal
Emergency response vehicle and air monitoring station
Flight 8 141
Sample jars
June 2, Discussing the spill response with deployed troops
May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
June 1, Beaches lined with absorbent oil material
Flight 11 063
Community Meeting in Dulac, La.
June 1, Cleanup staging area
June 3, Taga bus monitors air in Dauphin Island, Ala
EPA Administrator Meets with Gulf Region Scientists
August 6, Shrimp boats, outfitted with oil boom, line the docks near Leeville, La
EPA Administrator Jackson on Grand Isle
A lot at stake.
Flight 4 064
June 1, Unintended consequences
May 14, Small globs of weathered oil on Lafourche Beach, La.
June 3, View from Mobile, Ala command post
Administrator Lisa Jackson Discussing EPA Response
Different types of oil boom at work
Sediment sampling in response to the BP oil spill
EPA Sediment Sampling Along the Gulf Coast
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