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pointing hand
Bullet holes
Bullet silhouettes
File Folder
A fired .38 Special hollow-point bullet viewed from the side, showing the intended terminal ballistics sometimes referred to as mushrooming.
Shotgun shell outline icon
Forensic experts identify keys to crimes
Fight the Tiny Foe
Bullet proof
Cartridge Cases
Road warning sign with bullet holes
Regulation Sign destroyed by bullet holes
This transmission electron micrograph (TEM) reveal
Bear Hunting
This historical photograph was provided by the Cen
Bomb loader bites bullet to become doctor
Airman receives 2 Purple Hearts
Big bullets
Thunder alley
McChord combat controllers receive medals
Hawgsmoke 2006
Delivering Bombs, Beans, Bullets
Range keepers help pilots stay combat ready
Air Force officials remain vigilant in PTSD treatment
Pearl Harbor remembered
Hawgsmoke 2006
A-10s to the rescue
Hawgsmoke 2006
Here's proof
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