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Sparkling sparkler
Fire Maintains Pitch Pine Habitats
Butterfly on Scotch Thistle at Sutton Mountain burn unit near Mitchel, Oregon.  Wendy Joslin, Prineville  Wildlife1
Colorful Pinto Wild Horses at Burns Wild Horse Corrals in South Steens Horse Management Area.
South Steens wild horses are awaiting adoption.  Burns District in Southeastern Oregon.
Palomino Buttes HMA Wild Horses on the range.  West of Burns in Southeastern Oregon.
Evil Cupid: Fire
nurses lamp
moses and the burning bush (chibi version)
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire
This image depicts the painful suffering of a youn
Fire flames
Aerial view of prairie burn to stimulate grass gro
Air Force, Army leaders discuss new UAS concept of operations
525 002 001
Mop Up
Overseeing a Prescribed Fire
Beeswax Taper Candle
Preparing the Line
Getting Oriented to Controlled Burn
That looks like it hurts
166 002 001
Where There's Smoke...
Small Flame
Kitchen Match (burned)
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