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May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
Couer D'Alene  Mineral Ridge Trail  Prescribed Burn  Recreation  Shoshone Field Office  USRD  Upper Snake River District
Must have More Blood
Rau WPA Prescribed Fire
Prescribed Fire
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire: Before and After
Controlled Burn Maintains Field
Firefighter Lighting a Prescribed Fire
Smoke plume from a controlled burn at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
Heat waves during an Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge controlled burn
Optical media background
Breathing Fire Back into the Land
TNC Firefighter at Patuxent Research Refuge
Florida Panther RX 04-04-14
AML Glass Buttes, bunkhouse area, Burns District  This trench was probably the site of an adit that was excavated in approximately 1957, and then that adit was daylighted by dozer work probably between 1967 to 1970.  Ore mineralization apparently did not
Operation Desert Storm
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire
Blackwater Marshmaster at Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge burn
Valentine's Candle
Deputy Secretary Burns Meets With Head of Saudi Arabia Delegation
Chief Baker Walks the Line
Burn boss
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire
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