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Spring Peeper on Alder Leaf
Photo of the Week - Lady Slippers (WV)
Fern Fiddlehead
Deer Mouse Tracks in Snow
The Winner - Joe-pye Weed
Hawk in Winter
Red Spruce Seedlings Ready for Planting
Mourning Cloak on Indian Hemp
Cheat Mountain Salamander
Blue Eggs in Nest Box
Speckled Fawn
Late Winter Sunrise from Visitor Center
Fresh Frozen Cranberries
Pond in Winter
Beech and Birch
Female Chalk-fronted Corporal
The Balance of Nature
Frog in Disguise
Cottongrass Stalk
Aphrodite Fritillary on Milkweed Flower
Refuge Biologist Checks Flying Squirrel Box
Photo of the Week - Cheat Mountain Salamander (WV)
Bear Foot
Field of Cottongrass
Misty Snags
Field Trip through Freeland Tract
Cedar Waxwing
Blackwater River
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