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Snow capped Globemaster
Historical BLM brass cap marks cadastral survey of a township corner.
 Ardo X. Meyer, traverse navigator and geomagnetic observer, celebrating at South Pole Station after completing traverse and two months on the ice cap. McMurdo Station to South Pole traverse
Hockey team participates in Air Force survival training
Civil Air Patrol responds
Airman moonlights as CAP officer
That should do it!
Barksdale hosts CAP Cadet Encampment
68th Reunion of Doolittle Raiders Flyover
CAP provides rescue resources during emergencies
CAP proves worth during Katrina relief
Mildenhall security forces receive realistic deployment training
CAP proves worth during Katrina relief
Civil Air Patrol
AFMC change of command
68th Reunion of Doolittle Raiders Flyover
Blast off
Alvord Peak with a cloud cap.  (WSA 2-83)
Snow capped mission
Checking the dome
 Dixon Bay well site being capped after blowout and oil spill
Blasting cap
Explosive line
New lieutenants at the Academy
Tee time
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