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Most Popular Capitol Public Domain Files:

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Signing of the Constitution
Supreme Court Following Facade Restoration
Declaration of Independence
Columbus Doors
Capitol Reflecting Pool
Declaration of Independence Plaque
United States Capitol building.
D.C. shock
The First Federal Congress, 1789
The Mayflower Compact, 1620
House Chamber
Springtime on the Capitol Grounds
JSF under attack on Capitol Hill
U.S. Capitol Building
United States Capitol building.
Construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome
Civil Rights Bill Passes, 1866
Boston Massacre, 1770
JSF under attack on Capitol Hill
U.S. Supreme Court Building
Theodore Roosevelt, circa 1904
Colonization of New England
Lincoln's Second Inaugural, 1865
President's Room
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda
A Sacramento spirited performance by the Corps-Aliers
Justice and History Sculpture
Golden Spike
Secretary Clinton With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
The U.S. Capitol Dome
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