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Santa driving
final inspection
Little Dracula Driver
AF flies high at Monster Jam
AF flies high at Monster Jam
Car of History Clock
 A southeastern view of East Cambridge as seen from the Warren Bridge leading into Charlestown.  Glass factories are seen on the right; railroad cars on a viaduct are seen on the left. In: Historical Collections ... of Every Town in Massachusetts.  1841.
aiga taxi
Joe Urbanek at Burns CCC Camp.  New car with Joe's initials on the grill.  Last day before departing for infantry duty with U.W.s Arm 1941
bike - downhill
Dog in Sports Car
bolting on fenders and running boards
assembling the engine
AF flies high at Monster Jam
Frosty Peak
Prairie Potholes
Glimpse of Unimak Volcanoes
Passing Zone
Futuristic Automobile
23rd National Disabled American Veterans Winter Sports Clinic
Slamming the Afterburner
Seated in a wheelchair, the man depicted here was
Seated in a wheelchair, the man depicted here was
This image depicts the hand of a teenage female dr
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