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laying back singing
German Soldier with a Hat
caught with the goods
Perro Amarillo
Statesmen No.48: Caricature of Sir John Coleridge.
 Caption reads: 'A risen barrister.'
8 from behind
pelican with fish
Mascota Cafe
slouching man reading paper
Andrew Carnegie 2
Gen. John J Pershing
Andrew Carnegie
Christmas arch
Paul von Hindenburg
Admiral Coontz 2
Admiral Coontz 3
the artist
Joseph Joffre
Gen. John J Pershing 2
Statesmen No.46: Caricature of Lord Dufferin.
 Caption reads: 'An exceptional Irishman.'
Caricature of William Ballantine. Caption reads 'He resisted the temptation to cross-examine a Prince of the blood'.
Elton John
Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Ferdinand Foch
Wit & humor
Admiral Coontz
a sick bird
Bohumir Kryl
A satirical engraving of the quaint English custom of 'wife-selling', which wasn't quite what it sounds like, but was more a ritual among the lower classes — who couldn't possibly obtain an official full parliamentary divorce, allowing remarriage, g
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