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Having fun with Blanding's Turtles!
Boundary posting
Brook trout stocking
Boundary posting
Mentors Talk about Their Journeys
Challenge Project with Chivia's group
Challenge Project Presentations
Law Enforcement SCEP
YCC Water Level Control
Biology Unit
Biology Unit
CDIP 2012 Fergus Falls
CDIP Summer Employees learn how to take measurements
CDIP 2012 Fergus Falls
Environmental Education on Umbagog Lake
Refuge Biologists Explain Their Role
YCC Boardwalk Trail Repair
Scott Kahan
Pelican Banding
CDIP Orientation 2012
Pulling invasive species
Field work
Giving a presentation
Merrimack shad sampling
Lake trout sampling
Protecting Piping Plovers
Vegetation monitoring
Building a water bar
CDIP 2012 Fergus Falls
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