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Blossoming chestnut trees Deutsch:  Blühende Kastanienbäume Nederlands:  Bloeiende kastanjebomen Русский:  Цветущие каштаны
Independence Hall
Horse portrait
State penitentiary
U. S. Mint
carpenters hall
custom house
boys academy
Laurel Hill Cemetary
Girard College
merchant's exchange
Water Chestnut Harvesting and Disposal
Backlit leaves
This image depicts a dish of Asian Snow Peas, the
Horses grazing
YCC crew removing water chestnut
Pulling water chestnut
Water Chestnut Volunteers
YCC crew removing water chestnut
Chesnut 2a
Water Chestnut
horse chestnut leaf
Nesting Table
USFWS intern Christopher Poulin
USFWS Employee Nate Bush
Autumn horse chestnut tree
Autumn buckeye tree
Hand Pulling Water Chestnut
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