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Chinook Salmon
Pakistan relief continues
Chinook 2
Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus (=salmo) tshawytscha)
Paris Air Show
Chinook Helicopter 1
Navy SEALs train during Northern Edge 2009
 Chinook salmon, adult female.  In:  'The Fishes of Alaska.' Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Vol. XXVI, 1906.  P. 360, Plate XXX.
Celebrating the salmon – 2013 Salmon Festival at Stanislaus River Parks
school of juvenile chinook/king salmon
Tracking salmon spawning below Englebright Dam
The Klamath River
Medics help poisoning victims in Nicaragua
Humanitarian Relief
In-water fish tanks docked near Tower Bridge
King salmon in Ship Creek
Medics help poisoning victims in Nicaragua
Airmen and Soldiers conduct airdrop and sling-load training
Sac Fry - Spring Chinook Salmon
Meals Ready to Eat
Korea Air Component Comand commander holds 6 ACCES
395 029 002
Left in the dust
Adult Chinook Salmon spawning in Upper Tioga Creek, 11/8/01.  Gravel bar created by boulder weir constructed to improve habitat.
Airdrop and sling-load training
Splish splash
Medics help poisoning victims in Nicaragua
February 6, 2013 A murky scene of abandoned fishing nets, Puget Sound
Pakistan relief continues
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