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Firefighters up for the challenge
24-hour Tinkering: Maintenance around the clock
Airmen train, advise, assist Iraqi helicopter pilots
Maintenance teams work to keep F-16s flying
Dandelion clocks beside my neighbors house. This picture was taken by me.
Takeoff line
A leap second
CAOC nerve center for air operations
Kunsan Air Base maintains readiness
One maneuver at a time
Paving the way
Ready for takeoff
Getting it ready
Here's what's going on
command post
24-hour Tinkering: Maintenance around the clock
KC-10 maintainers work around the clock to keep aircraft fuel flowing
Crew chiefs work around the clock
Maintainers keep Balad radar running 'round the clock
Ready for takeoff
Paving the way
Paving the way
Gold clock
Clock   Calendar
Clock face
Alarm Clock (Simple)
NISTs Second Quantum Logic Clock Based on Aluminum Ion is Now Worlds Most Precise Clock
Happy New Year
RCA CD Player
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