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juvenile coho salmon, Fish Creek Alaska
Pescadero Watershed 2
Eska Creek culvert under construction
Up Rabideux Creek
Juvenile coho salmon
Anchorage Field Office Fisheries Crew at Work
Anchorage Field Office  Fisheries Crew at Work
juvenile coho salmon and rainbow trout, Fish Creek Alaska
Klamath River
Coyote Creek juvenile coho
Sorting Adult Coho Salmon
Handling Adult Coho Salmon
Pescadero Watershed 1
Juvenile coho salmon
Dolly Varden
Drano Lake Salmon Fishing
Coho Salmon swimming through Fish Creek.
 Silver or Coho salmon, breeding male.  In:  'The Fishes of Alaska.' Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Vol. XXVI, 1906.  P. 360, Plate XXXII.
Logs in Redd Creek
Oak Grove Fork Fish Return Pipeline
 Fish drying racks.  Silver or coho salmon drying that have been cut back to the skin to make what is called dryfish.  The fish has also been a little bit smoked  to drive off the moisture on the surface which discourages flies from laying eggs.
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