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 Plastic sandwich baggy floating in the water column.  Fish that feed on various salps, jelly-fish, etc. mistake such trash for food and can ingest this with fatal consequences. Compare to images reef2130, reef0859, and reef0556.
Antonello da Messina - Christ at the Column - WGA0744.jpg
Construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome
Column With Entablature - Tuscan Order
Food in a Row
10-hypercube (10-cube) graph. This hypercube graph is an orthogonal projection. This oriented projection shows columns of vertices positioned a vertex-edge-vertex distance from one vertex on the left to one vertex on the right, and edges attaching adjacen
Hydrogen-Storage Compound
The United States Capitol Dome
Flute player
IMG 1290
lyceum illustration
Photographed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the H
Old archway
Columns In Place 1857
394 047 002
Where There's Smoke...
741 005 005
741 006 005
Antenna farm
Smoke plume from a controlled burn at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
Ionic Columns
The hieroglyphs on columns - luxor
Atlantis liftoff
Tobacco Capitals - U.S. Capitol
Supreme Court Interior
IMG 1269
Separation of basalt columns  Hexagonal Basalt  UCSC  Upper Columbia Salmon Clearwater District
Hydrogen-Storage Compound
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