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the crab
Photo of the Week - Gulls fighting over crab (RI)
underwater world - aquarium
This illustration depicts a dorsal view of a 'crab
Pebbles on the beach
 Female blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) on beach.  Females can be distinguished by the right red tips on their claws.  Note impressions in sand made by crab when ambulating.
 Point Reyes Great Beach.  Sand crab shells washed up in the swash zone.
Crab Apple Tree on the Capitol Grounds
This is an enlargement of a Phthirus pubis, or mor
Crab isolated
Blue crab on the beach. Louisiana
Howland Island NWR and hermit crab
Jonah crab
 Bushels of blue crabs, bounty of the bay.
 Photo #6 of 8.  Having reached the 'buster' molt stage, a Maryland blue crab , Callinectes sapidus, sheds its shell.  The genus and species mean tasty  beautiful swimmer.
Photo of the Week - Raccoon (PA)
van Rossem's gull-billed tern
Sand fiddler crab (Uca pugilator) at Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina.
Not your average convention!
 Male blue crab.  Compare underside of male to female sook in image line4166.
 A large white-spotted hermit crab ( Dardanus megistos). Note divers hand for scale.
Crabs have been a repeated source of cholera in th
New Core Sampling Platform
 A crab sculpture on Pier 39, near Fisherman's Wharf.
Young Raccoon in Crab Apple Tree
Hermit crab - Guam NWR
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