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MAFFS training
Stranded Herc
Polar mission
Jan. 11 marks 6,000 consecutive days in Southwest Asia
C-17 crews make record airdrop
Tall order
Helicopter aircrews rescue hurricane victims
Medevac crew devotes time to African orphanage
March C-17 crew completes mission to Haiti
Loadmasters help reposition Australian Defense Forces
Into the night
Maintenance troops
Maple Flag 42
Ready for takeoff
OC-135 crews assist from 15,000 feet
Air Force evacuates the sick and wounded
Liberator bomber crosses the shark-nosed bows of U.S. P-40 fighter planes
Flight attendants provide world-class service
Iowa's KC-135E retires as 'snow bird' in Arizona
Practicing medicine in the field
 Pigeon Point Lighthouse, 27 miles north of Santa Cruz along Highway 1.  The lighthouse was built in 1872 and is 115-feet high. Pigeon Point is named for the  clipper ship CARRIER PIGEON which ran aground here on June 6, 1853.  The Coast Survey Steamer AC
Ready for takeoff
Airmen kick off part two of Falcon Condor 2007
Airmen aid wounded Libyan fighters
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