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Rock formations and juniper above the John Day River.
Photo in a seven series collection of a rafter on the John Day River.  Approaching a large rock island and a heron in flight.
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
 A glorious end to the day.
Veteran's Day 2011
101 Critical days
Pilot for a day
Riparian vegetation and juniper along the John Day River.
Diffuse knapweed just about go under and perhaps attached to the vehicle in the Lower John Day River area.
Sumac and riparian vegetation along the John Day River.
Rocky peaks above juniper and the John Day River.
Passing on the runway
Riparian vegetation along the John Day River.
Hercules: A day in the life
Rocky peaks above juniper in what appears to be a dispersed campground along the John Day River.
Riparian vegetation along the John Day River.
The Lower John Day River.  OR 5-6/5-1
John Day River Area.
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