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sunflower border
AOC Decorative Painters
Turkish chandelier
Garden Frame - flowers and corn
Roman Relief 1
Bavon Beach project
 Pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana, brought to California as a decorative  plant by horticulturist Joseph Sexton in Goleta, California, is now a  major invasive species along the California coast.
AOC Masons
AOC Decorative Painters restore historic room in Capitol
Levitow's pilot lands at Peterson for leadership visit
Red baubles decoration
Secretary Clinton Visits SEWA Hansiba Outlet
Decorative Painters in the Old Senate Chamber
Green bauble decorations
Decorative Painters in the Old Senate Chamber
Knocker on the white door
Secretary Clinton Visits SEWA Hansiba Outlet
 Image #3 of sequence -  A decorative wind rose in: Philosophi ac medici.... by Fabrizio Padovani, 1601.  P. 19. Call Number QC931.P32 1601
Red bauble decoration
Tiled Gold Fish Green Tail
Tiled Green Fish
Divider 3
baby garland
Three bauble decorations
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