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The railroad goes into the distance
Open road
Tornado power
This photograph showed Distance Learning Coordinat
Railroad crossing traffic signs
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) frequency comb
Old Man with a Hat
Airmen enhance F-15E capabilities with helmet-mounted cueing system
During this young boy's day out to the lake with h
North yorkshire
Happy Blue Whale
Bike Chain Links
Longleaf pine standing tall
Photo of the Week: The VULCAN Diffractometer
10-hypercube (10-cube) graph. This hypercube graph is an orthogonal projection. This oriented projection shows columns of vertices positioned a vertex-edge-vertex distance from one vertex on the left to one vertex on the right, and edges attaching adjacen
Rest on the lake
Mayor's office and Corps of Engineers open Kabul's streets to the night
The partially raised sidewalk in this 2004 image,
Quantum Images
First Flight
2006 Iditarod
2006 Iditarod
Friendship jump over Egypt
Friendship jump over Egypt
 A California Gull seen through the big eye lens.  The angle to the horizon is visible on the bottom of the picture.  Using that angle and trigonometry, the distance to the object in the view finder can be calculated.
KC-10A Extender
Friendship jump over Egypt
South Access Road at WIPP
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