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Streams and Wetlands are Vital to Health of our Waterways
September 27, 2011 Water everywhere
May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
Coral reef survey off coast of Puerto Rico
August 9, 2011 Sunrise zooplankton tow
Barnacle-covered Radiator
Composting Creates A Natural Fertilizer
Divers need to eat! EPA Region 10 Dive 40 year anniversary 1970-2010
September 26, 2011 EPA tests water quality in Indian Creek, Kansas City, MO
Greening America’s Capitals Before / After, Frankfort, KY
November 10, 2012 EPA and Coast Guard Assess Sandy Damage
Administrator Jackson comes together with the Rev. Al Sharpton, Honorable Congressman John Lewis, and US House Chaplain Pat Conray
kids framed scene
December 2, 2012 - EPA 'HazCatt' room at the Staten Island Collection Area
November 11, 2012 Preparing for Hudson River Flyover
Mudpuppy, EPA research vessel
July 12, 2013 - A close look at a harmful algal bloom
Monitoring Water Quality from the OSV Bold
EPA workers clean up residential mercury spill
August 5, 2011 Bold Tech sets up the rosette water sampler
BEFORE: Portland, OR
November 16, 2011 Name that book!
August 6, 2011 A really big thumb tack! We grabbed what we could for size comparison
December 3, 2012 – Large debris pile near to EPA’s ‘Household Hazardous Waste’ collection PAD
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