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A lot at stake.
Flight 4 064
June 1, Unintended consequences
May 14, Small globs of weathered oil on Lafourche Beach, La.
June 3, View from Mobile, Ala command post
Administrator Lisa Jackson Discussing EPA Response
Different types of oil boom at work
Sediment sampling in response to the BP oil spill
EPA Sediment Sampling Along the Gulf Coast
June 4, In a race against the rain
June 2, EPA Administrator Jackson explains EPA efforts underway in response to the BP Spill.
May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
Concerned residents gather in to talk about the BP oil release.
Administrator Lisa Jackson meets workers
May 6 Open Water Oil Burn
Oil booms protecting marshland
EPA Sampling along the Gulf coast
EPA Administrator Meets with Gulf Region Scientists
Searching for oil on the beach
Sampling in the affected area
Flight 11 073
2010 05 03 19 47 10 R 54
Air Monitoring Equiment Along the Gulf Coast
Administration Responds to BP Oil Spill
Administration Responds to BP Oil Spill
EPA Mobile Command Post keeps tabs on monitoring and sampling efforts in the field.
Water testing in the Gulf in response to the BP oil spill
June 1, Lights ready for night cleanup operations
June 2, Oil absorbing 'pom poms' line beaches to
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