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Illustration of a factory
Illustration of a factory
industry pollution
Industry pollution
using the welding machine
Automobile Factory
here comes the engine
fastening the wheels
crankshaft balancer
spray painting a car
Illustration of a factory
Gentle giants of the sea
Illustration of a factory
frame goes on the assembly line
old factory
lowering the body
Real-time Quality Control for Welding
Small Town America
Factory Boat Frame
This historic image depicting the interior of the
final inspection
Iron Foundry, circa 1850
 A southeastern view of East Cambridge as seen from the Warren Bridge leading into Charlestown.  Glass factories are seen on the right; railroad cars on a viaduct are seen on the left. In: Historical Collections ... of Every Town in Massachusetts.  1841.
Provided by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC)
bolting on fenders and running boards
assembling the engine
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