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Shark fin sail
#18 - U.S. Supports Hammerhead Shark Proposals
#19 - U.S. Proposals to CoP16
#37B - Breaking News!
#16 - U.S. Proposals to CoP16
Flippers beach and ocean
 Northern right whale dolphin.  The lack of a dorsal fin makes identification of this species much easier.
#17 - U.S. Supports Ray Proposals
 JAWS???? Nope, a dolphin caudal fin.  Tursiops truncatus, the bottle-nosed dolphin.
Easy does it
August as Pontifex Maximus: head covered, wearing the toga and calcei patricii (shoes reserved for Patricians), he extends his right arm to pour a libation; a cupsa (container for officiel documents) lies at his feet. Greek marble (arms and head) and Ital
Anchovy Fish
Without ammo, it's just another airplane
Total force at work in RIMPAC
Total force at work in RIMPAC
Iridescent fins.
PACAF leaders see flash of future in Georgia
Weapons expert
How to build a bomb
Tune-up time
Perfect fit
PACAF leaders see flash of future in Georgia
Global Strike Challenge
Expeditionary Airmen build bombs
Giving Warthog its lethal bite
The Lady
Operation Iraqi Freedom
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