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This is an enlargement of a female Xenopsylla cheo
Xenopsylla cheopis, the oriental rat flea, is show
This historic 1956 image depicted Leo Kartman, ScD
These four arthropods, a flea, mite, tick, and a h
This 2004 photograph depicts a Nigerian man inside
This 2003 image depicts a Ghanaian boy squatting a
This illustration depicts the morphologic changes
This photograph depicts an adult male Oropsylla Mo
Xenopsylla cheopis, Oriental rat flea, with a prov
This photograph of a flea was taken during a 1972
This 2003 image depicts a Ghanaian girl squatting
Shown here is a larva (left), and an adult female
The White-throated Woodrat, Neotoma albigula, is a
This illustration shows the identifying morphologi
Scanning Electron Micrograph of a flea
An illustration depicting the anatomical character
This illustration describes the anatomical locatio
Flea collection techniques practiced during a 1961
The pet beagle depicted here, was being treated wi
A Bushy-tailed Woodrat, Neotoma cinerea, is known
This photograph depicts a young Ghanaian woman hol
This illustration depicts a flea of the order Siph
This illustration shows some of the identifying mo
This illustration reveals an identifying character
This diagram highlights the anatomic features of t
This drawing shows some of the identifying head re
This illustration shows some of the identifying mo
This 2004 image shows a Ghanaian villager holding
This diagram shows some of the identifying morphol
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