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Most Popular Freshwater Public Domain Files:

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Handshake with Black Outline (white man and woman, freshwater pearl bracelet)
July 20, 2012 Sand Tiger Shark
Mallard - anas platyrhynchos
#13 - U.S. Proposals to CoP16
Mallard - anas platyrhynchos
Catskills Mountains and freshwater marsh, NY
July 2010, Spawning male sockeye
American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus)
Magnified 500X, this photomicrograph revealed the
Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge
#25 - Guess the Species!
Holyoke Dam
Walking along stream studying plants
Hatchery pond
Large net set in water
Otay River water flows into the newly-breached former salt ponds on the San Diego Bay NWR
Magnified 125X, this photomicrograph revealed the
#12 - U.S. Proposals to CoP16
This historic 1936 photograph depicted Sucker Cree
#17 - U.S. Supports Ray Proposals
Novak and kids in stream
Kids looking at adult salmon in hatchery
Fresh water mussel
Freshwater Folk Festival
Freshwater Folk Festival
Freshwater Folk Festival
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