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Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Lion Dogs
Merriams Turkeys
Pronghorn Buck and fawns Seedskadee NWR
Chum Salmon
Black Chinned Hummingbird Browns Park NWR
Swarm of midges Lacreek NWR
Scientists in the Community Program
Blazingstar (Liatris punctata) on Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge
Pronghorn Buck Seedskadee NWR 5
Upland Sandpiper
Prairie Smoke
phalarope 2
Cinnamon teal pair on Seedskadee NWR 02
Common Tern
Incubating Canada Goose
Prairie Quilt
Walking Trail on Bowdoin NWR
2013 Youth Waterfowl Hunters
BonyTail Chub
Mallards at sunset on Lacreek NWR
Sunrise at Waubay National Wildlife Refuge
Beach strewn with plastic debris
Maximillian Sunflowers Aglow in the Sun
18th Place - Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Reserve
Grass and brush at Sand Lake NWR
Cupcakes Are Easier to Serve
Swarm of Prehistoric Pallid Sturgeon
Bullsnake Eating Mallard Egg
Immature Swainson's Hawk
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