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An ilustration from the novel 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' by Jules Verne painted by Édouard Riou. Polski:  Ilustracja powieści Juliusza Verne'a 'Wyprawa do wnętrza Ziemi' autorstwa Édouarda Riou. Français :  'Voyage au centre de la Te
RECALLED -  Iced Tea
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 Old Faithful Geyser erupting.  Known for its predictability, Old Faithful sends boiling water to a height of 106 to 185 feet about every 90 minutes.
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 Grand Prismatic Spring in the Midway Geyser Basin.  This spring is the third largest hydrothermal spring in the world, approximately 250 X 300 feet in size and about 160 feet deep.  The water temperature is 160 F (70 C).  The colors on the edges of the s
RECALLED -  Iced Tea
Hurricane relief
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GYGO! in Iceland!
Hot springs
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