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San Rafael River Overlook
Culver Pond Panorama
Channel Catfish
18th Place - Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Reserve
Swarm of Prehistoric Pallid Sturgeon
Purple Coneflowers
Mama Ferret Counts her Kits
Greater Sage-Grouse in Red Desert, WY
Mountain Goats on the Great Divide
Nature Trail at the Creston National Fish Hatchery
Ferret Heart
Monarda Fistulosa
Living in a Prairie Dog Town
Prickly Pear Cactus
16th Place - After a Spring Storm in the Great Basin
Painted Turtle
Change Is Inevitable
Fall at Jessup Pond
Hot Creek Rainbow Trout Fry
Mourning Cloak
Badlands Sunrise
Catching the Early Fish
Widgeon Pond
Butterfly and Milkweed
9th Place - Fogbow
12th Place - American River Otters
Gray Jay
Make Room for Me!
Let's Go Outside!
Common Snipe On Old Log
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