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Most Popular Habitatrestoration Public Domain Files:

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Restored Wetland
Riparaian Restoration
Upland Reseeding
Restored Habitat Benefits Many Native Plant Species
Beaver Run Eroded Streambank Before Construction
Mulching of Invasive Tamarisk
Tree planting at habitat restoration project
Pink salmon
Montana Arctic Grayling
Restored Habitat Benefits Many Native Wildlife Species
Giving interviews to Napa Valley Register
Old Bridge at Wiley Drive
Beaver Run Station 1000 After Construction
Looking Upstream at Veterans Memorial Park Dam
A tub-o-beauty...
Power Dam
Invasive Tamarisk Removal
Invasive Tree Removal
Beaver Run Eroded Streambank After Construction
Habitat irrigation system and beaver barrier
Berm between Ashevilled Bridge Canal and Lake Tecumseh
Wiley Drive Project Ribbon Cutting
Close-up View of Veterans Memorial Park Dam
Restoration Project Lunch Break
Moving on up.
Workers prepare to place concrete for two new box culverts
Wiley Drive Bridge Replacement
Photo after Removal of Wasena Dam
Beaver Run Station 1000 Before Photo
Woody material providing fish habitat and sediment accrual
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