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Tools, Hammer, Spanner
Basic Tools (silhouettes)
Tools on the wall
Craftsman penguin
Hammer - Tools 6
Hobby silhouettes
Workshop door sign
Combat Hammer
AML Glass Buttes, G3, Burns District.  This ore sample was broken open with a hammer to show the red cinnabar (mercury sulfide) ore inside.  The ore sample oxidizes readily to purple where it is exposed to air and sunlight.
Vitamin D Smashes Cancer
Combat Hammer
Combat Hammer
Combat Hammer
Combat Hammer
mic and sickle
Swastika Encircled Rotating Left
Photo of the Week: More than One Way to Hammer a Nail
Blacksmith and tools
Blacksmith and tools
Blacksmith and tools
Architetto -- martellare
Dabrowa Gornicza - coat of arms
Recovery Act Workers Demolish Last of 24 Buildings and Structures at Los Alamos TA-21
cp usa
Hammer 5
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