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Most Popular Health Public Domain Files:

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Fruits and vegetables
Illustration of a bandage
Illustration of a stethoscope
Healthy fruits and vegetables
Women running on treadmills
Nurse with patient
Florence Nightingale
Taking blood pressure
A young woman with weights
Party in the intestines
A surgeon with boy patient
A doctor and a female patient
A woman shopping for groceries
Hand holding a stethoscope
Brian Diagram
Doctor examining a patient
Illustration of medicine bottle
Healthy fruits and vegetables
licensed practical nurse
Riding for a cause
A young woman stretching
Researcher using petri dish
Apple Red with a Green Leaf with funny Worm
Here, CDC employee, Terry Giles (left), was shown
Food poisoning newspaper headlines
Physician and patient
This image was captured on one of the Centers for
spilled pills
hand and pills
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