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Most Popular Hindu Public Domain Files:

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Goddess Durga
Lakshmi, goddess of proesperity
Ganesha, god of success
Sri Yantra
Surya, the Sun God
Agni, a gaurdian deity
Indra, king of heaven
Saraswati, goddess of learning
Siva the Destroyer
This 2000 photograph depicted a number of individu
Panjshir PRT
This 2000 image was captured just outside the arch
Band-e-Amir protected area committee
Airmen trek over mountains to deliver aid in Afghanistan
Indian lamp
Panjshir PRT
Rockfort or Ucchi Pillayar koil, is a combination of two famous 7th century Hindu temples, one dedicated to Lord Ganesh and the other dedicated to Lord Shiva, located atop a small rock in Trichi, Tamil Nadu
Thunder mountains
This is an Indian sweet, which is given as a prasad at Hindu temple of Yadagirigutta.
New York Guardsmen stay on alert to save lives
Panjshir PRT
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