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Label with string
This historic image depicted a gathering of Carvil
This historic image depicted a gathering of Carvil
Fingerprint Identification
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
This historic image depicted a typical scene one w
This scene, shot on the grounds of the historic Ca
On the grounds of the Carville, Louisiana Leprosar
Laboratory Technician Pipettes Dirt
This historic image depicted a the grave site comm
Airman missing 28 years comes home
This 1975 image depicted World Health Organization
Magnified 100X, this image depicted a Petri dish f
The two test tubes depicted here were being used t
 Flukes of gray whale.  Note unique markings that help in identification of individual whales.
The Creston National Fish Hatchery, in association
Creston National Fish Hatchery Kids Fish Day Event held in May Each Year
Bold Quest improves coalition combat identification
ARIA test
In this historic image, a scene from the Carville,
Depicted in this historic image was the office of
This was where Dr. Joseph W. Mountin carved his na
This gelatin agar medium was used in the identific
 Northern right whale dolphin.  The lack of a dorsal fin makes identification of this species much easier.
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