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Disco Dancer 1
Disco Dancer 4
Disco Dancer 5
Disco Dancer
Disco Dancer 2
Disco Dancer 3
Glamorous Lady Dancing 2
Disco Dancers Remix 2
Glamorous Lady Dancing
Disco Dancers Remix 1
St Patricks Girl Remix
I Love You Valentine
Français :  Portrait de jeune femme, h/t, cm. 200 x 60, Coll. privée
Dancing Couple
The Phantom of The Opera Remix
Heart I Love You
Golden Maiden Layered Remix 1
Corazon Yo Te Amo
Golden Maiden Crown
Golden Maiden Hair with Crown
Golden Maiden Layered Remix 2
An illustration from Jules Verne's short story 'Martin Paz' (1852) drawn by Jules Férat. Polski:  Ilustracja opowiadania Juliusza Verne'a 'Martin Paz' (1852) autorstwa Julesa Férata. Français :  Jules Verne 'Martin Paz' (1852), dessins par Jul
An illustration from the novel 'Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar' by Jules Verne drawn by Jules Férat. Polski:  Ilustracja powieści Juliusza Verne'a 'Michał Strogow, kurier carski' autorstwa Julesa Férata. Français :  'Michel Strogoff
Yo Te Amo Valentine
Je t'aime Valentine
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