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Volunteer Dyllon with Salmon Camp
Uganik Lake View
Volunteer Cindy Trussell demonstrates how to identify a warbler
(1965) Big Bow and Arrow Bear
(1954) Seining for Steelhead
(1964) Good Friday Tsunami
(1986) Fashionable Tree Climbing Gear
(1949) Afognak Elk Range
(1968) Banding Bald Eaglets
(1986) Reports Headaches
(1957) Oyster Catcher Nest
Watching the falls
Face to face
Conducting research at a Kittlitz's murrelet nest
(1986) Emperor Geese
(1965) Goshawk
Sow and cub of the year
(1971) Elderberries
Volunteers conduct seabird surveys by skiff
(1957) Hair Seal and Pup
Floating the Uganik River
(1961) Measuring Bill Length of Bald Eagle
Volunteer Stacy Studebaker on a botany survey in Uganik
2012 Kittlitz's murrelet research crew
(1957) Young Bald Eagle
Driftwood on Uganik Lake
Volunteers at the information desk of Kodiak Refuge Visitor Center
2012 Mountain goat research crew
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