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Improving fire lines
Firefighter hazards.
Firefighter reflection
Refuge manager talks fire
Firefighter to firefighter
Pumpkin filling
Bears at Lateral West Fire
Smokin' peat
Smoke front on Dismal Swamp
Irene didn't put all the fire out
Smoke plume Lateral West Fire
Sampling Smoke with NASA scientist
Hose roll AmeriCorps NCCC team
Photo of the Week - Fire whirl at Great Dismal Swamp Refuge (VA)
AmeriCorps NCCC  firefighter
Lateral West media tour
Prepare to flood
Innovative signpost
Tractor pull
Flames at Lateral West Fire
Firefighter with balloon
Let it flow
Fire growth after Irene pullout
Still smoke after Irene
Firefighter gets miked up
Fire edge post Irene
Smoke signature
AmeriCorps NCCC Phoenix 3 mops up
Lateral West Fire after Irene
Info Officer at work
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