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Most Popular Lily Public Domain Files:

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Easter Lilies Frame
Lily bouquet
Key West NWR and native plants
Two young girls reading books
fleur de lis
Lily Pads
Easter Rabbits and Chicks
Lily in A Selection of Hexandrian Plants by Priscilla Susan Bury, 1831, Loy McCandless Marks Library
Bielsko-Biala - coat of arms
Paper fleur de lys (2)
This man was kayaking atop a lily pad-covered lake
Engagement ring
Spring snowflake
You're Eating What?!?
Pond Lily Flower
Vollmer's Tiger Lily (Lilium vollmeri) found near the Goolaway Gap, which is the head of West Fork Trail Creek.
This man was kayaking atop a lily pad-covered lake
This historic image depicted a beautiful garden on
Water lily
GG Erythronium grandiflorum
Photo of the Week - Swamp Pink (NJ)
Water Lily
Prairie Lily
Fall colors near Lily Lake on Steens Mountain.  Mark Armstrong, Burns  Landscape1
Medium shot of Darlingtonica californica (Cobra Lily) and Rhododendron occidentale.
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