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To all those who have served, thank you. Happy Veterans Day.
Clown Show orchid at USBG.
'They died that their country might live.' - Capitol Peace Monument inscription. #peaceday
Orchid exhibit now open at USBG. Cymbidium featured in this pic.
Sunflowers in bloom at U.S. Botanic Garden. #dc #capitol
Frankie the Bee of the US Forest Service educates about endangered animals and plants at US Botanic Garden.
An improved reflection: AOC masons making repairs to drained Capitol Reflecting Pool.
Hot in #dc? Cool off at the Olmsted Summerhouse and grotto on West Front of Capitol.
Dusk settles on the Capitol. #dc
Welcome to first official day of spring, tulips at Capitol got early jump.
AOC has begun scaffold to support work on Statue of Freedom #preservation.
Freedom uncovered, scaffolding being removed, preservation work completed.
Capitol west lawn hosts Memorial Day Concert, Sunday at 8 pm. Photo: preparations last week. #memdaypbs
Breezy evening on Capitol Hill.
Bartholdi Fountain opens for season.
Need serenity now? Stop by and enjoy the restored Bartholdi Fountain now open for season. #dc
Visit the LOC #natbookfest today and Sunday on Mall.
Sun shining on Freedom this morning at Capitol. #architecture
East Front Olmsted fountains.
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