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Common Loon
Common Loon
Common Loon in breeding plumage
Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
Loon Lake Waterfall.
Common loon
Loon Lake summer temp help.
red-throated loon
A Common Loon sitting in a grassy pond.
Red-throated loon
Loon Lake evening program.
red-throated loon
Loon Lake hiking trails.
Loon Lake fishing: sitting on the dock.
Loon Lake beach.
common loon and chick, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, AK
(1986) Red-Throated Loon
Using floating matresses at Loon Lake.
red-throated loon
Red throated loon
Loon Lake fishing derby.
Loon Lake Beach.
Common Loon
Red throated loon on nest
red-throated loon
January Frost.  Loon Lake  John Colby, Coos Bay  Art2
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