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Puffin Landing
Photo of the Week - Rainbow at Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge.
Puffins and Razorbills
Puffin Landing
Greater shearwater
American copper
Great  Black-Backed Gull Eating a Tern Chick
Sandpiper chick
Common Tern
Roseate Tern Chasing a Common Tern
puffins at Maine Coastal Islands NWR, fws
atlantic puffins, maine coastal islands nwr, fws
Peregrine Falcon
Spotted sandpiper chick
Common Tern with Fish in Beak
Arctic tern
Black Guillemot
Common Tern
Sunrise on Metinic Island
Maine Coastal Island Researchers Handling Terns
Puffins Flying Over Capture Boxes
Atlantic puffins
Common tern in flight
Common tern
Razorbill Landing
Numbered Puffin Buroughs and Flagged Tern Eggs
Puffins From The Lighthouse View
Roseate Tern
Arctic Tern
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