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A bald eagle in flight
A bald eagle
Night sky with moon and stars
Uploaded by request of Bruce Kamplain.
Taken i
Peacock and flowers
American Bald Eagle
A bald eagle sitting on a tree branch
Hawk on the black background
Hometown Hero
Majestic view
American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus)
Swan on lake
Stuffed deer head
Great Blue Heron
Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero
Hometown Hero
 The majestic cliffs of Tracy Arm Fjord
 Aerial photograph. A rectangular lake, majestic mountains, the low tide line approximately 20 feet vertically below the logs and debris marking high tide.
11-5-11 tree
The majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon-Parashant stretches far into the horizon of this photograph.
 Majestic cliffs rise out of the sea at Puale Bay, called the windiest spot on the Alaskan coast.
Majestic view in the Trigos Wilderness Area
 A majestic scene of sandstone mountains dusted with snow and valley oaks and pinion pines
Here is another majestic scene of the Agua Fria National Monument.
The majestic Grand Canyon stretches far into the horizon.
Beautiful ocotillas against a majestic mountain background
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