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Most Popular Mallards Public Domain Files:

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Mallard Nest
Late Winter Waterfowl on Lacreek NWR
Duck mallard and greylag goose
Pair of swimming mallard ducks
Mallards pile into Lacreek NWR at Sunset 1
Mallard pair on Sand Lake WMD
Mallard Ducklings 4
Mallard Hen and Her Brood 6
 Mallard duck on a pier.
Mallard - anas platyrhynchos
Mallards at Sunset on Sand Lake NWR 02
Mallards at sunset on Lacreek NWR
Mallard - anas platyrhynchos
Bullsnake Eating Mallard Egg
Good neighbors
Mallard Ducklings 1
Man-made mallard nest placed in a restored wetland
Bur-reed (Sparganium eurycarpum) Sand Lake Wetland Management District 01
Mallard Ducks along the shore of a prairie pothole
Bullsnake Eating Mallard Egg
Mallards at Sunset Sand Lake NWR 01
Mallard Drakes Take Flight
Mallard ducks rest on a prarie pothole.
Female gadwall duck at  Lower Klamath NWR, California
Mallards on Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge
Mallard Hen and Her Brood 5
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