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Mallard pair feeding on Duckweed 01
A Watchful Eye
mallards on the move
Mallards at sunset Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge
Black duck and hen mallard
Merced National Wildlife Refuge Deadmans Slough Creek Canal
Trumpeter Swans sighted post-fire
Post-Burn Monitoring
Black duck and hen mallard
Canada goose and mallards
Mallards and pintails during spring migration
Catching Some Late Afternoon Sun
Mallard Pair
Mallard Drake Closeup
Mallard Hen and Brood on Sand Lake NWR
Mallard Hen and Brood on Sand Lake NWR
Mallard Ducklings 2
Banding a Juvenile Male Mallard
Mallard Hen and Brood
Rebabing Old Hen Houses
Mallard Hen Preening
Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) - female with chick
Ready to be Released
Glassing for Greenheads
Flock of Mallards
Duck Banding
Mallard Ducklings 3
Waterfowl Banding
Drake Mallards
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