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Most Popular Mallards Public Domain Files:

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Fall on the Refuge - Mallards in Flight
Mallard hen, Kenai NWR
Mallards Swimming
Mallards rest at USBG National Garden
 Mallards in a tidal creek off the Patuxent River.
Mallards sunbathing on the Madison River
Mallard Ducks in the prairie pothole region of eas
Mallards dropping in to a prairie pothole at sunset Sand Lake WMD
A Mallard Hen Keeping her Ducklings Close
A Group Lift Off
 Mallard duck on a pier.
Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge: October 29,2012 (ME)
Treading Carefully
Bottoms Up!
 A flock of young mallards.
A mallard duck looking into a pond with reflection.
Mallard hen and duckling
Rogue River - Mallards.
Mallard Hen
Sandhill cranes at Stone Lakes NWR
Banding a Female Mallard
Mallards in the South Platte Area
Swim-in Traps
Applying Duck Band
2nd Place - Bottoms Up!
Mallard Pair
Diver Ducks Swimming
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