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California Fires
Fifties Dancers
cassette jolly roger
Blood Drop
Fifties Dancers
While shopping at a mobile Georgian farmers market
Fifties Dancers
Garden Sign Ivy Border
While being held on his mother's lap, this infant
Woman gets a Massage
bamiyan 042908-oc 043
Fifties Dancers
This 2000 image depicted public health practitione
This young man and middle-aged woman were guests a
bamiyan 042908-oc 006
This is one of a series of ten images, (PHIL# 9144
392 073 001
This 2000 photograph depicted two large trucks, th
Get Your Goose On! - Alaska Style
$ 100
Strawberry background
This 1961 photograph depicted a Petri dish in whic
This 2000 image showed a young boy utilizing a fro
bamiyan 042908-nc 131
The blacklegged ticks, I. pacificus, (depicted her
Ornate Music Frame
The woman pictured here, was checking her blood gl
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