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Griffon vs Dragon
Car of History Clock
Nursing award
DSC 5858
History Quiz Award 2
Single wet leaf in autumn
Tornado's path
100525 Hirat Marble Conference 291
shooting marbles
Detail shot of the Car of History in National Statuary Hall
Apotheosis of Democracy - House Pediment
100525 Hirat Marble Conference 497
Adelaide Johnson (1846-1955) - Women Artists
100525 Hirat Marble Conference 333
DSC 6355
Learning Turkish art
American servicemembers visit Afghan villagers
100525 Hirat Marble Conference 064
100525 Hirat Marble Conference 665
DSC 5816
Game marbles - candies
Frog isolated
Doolittle Raiders celebrate 64th reunion
Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
Genius of America - U.S. Capitol Central Pediment
Progress of Civilization - Senate Pediment
Fame and Peace Crowning George Washington
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