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Night sky with moon and stars
Meditation by the lake
Bolton abbey
Orthodox church
Orthodox church
Русский:  Монастырь Дадиванк Dadivank Monastery
Meditation hall
Deutsch:  Das sich noch immer in Bau befindliche Kloster in Botiza (Maramuresch, Romänien). Contemporary monastery being buildt in Botiza (Maramureş, Romania). Français:  Monastère contemporain en train d'être construit à Botiza (Maramureş, Roman
Meditation hall at night
President Obama and Secretary Clinton Tour the Wat Pho Royal Monastery With Chaokun Suthee Thammanuwat
 Carmel Valley and Carmelite monastery as seen from Carmel Bay.  Portion of composite image of Point Lobos.
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