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Victorian Background Ornament
Victorian Ornament
Wild Flower Motif
Blue Flower Motif
Hunab Ku
Victorian Ornament 2
Stained glass motif
Blue Flower Motif
Party Hat
Egyption Seals
geometric motif
Celtic Animal Ornament
geometric motif 5
Blackberry motif
Ελληνικά:  Έμβλημα της δυναστείας των Παλαιολόγων Latina:  Signum Palaiologii Emblem of the Palaiologos Dynasty (1400s) The double-headed eagle with the sympilema (dynastic cypher) of the Palaiologoi in the center
geometric motif 2
geometric motif 4
Red Rose Motif
Ancient Mexico Motif (10)
indian motif
geometric motif 2 black
Pink floral motif
Christmas Motifs
decorative letter T
geometric motif 3
Chinese Motif
Ferris Wheel
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